Alex Leger

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Alex Leger lived and breathed Blue Peter for most of his life. He travelled the globe with almost every presenter to work on the programme and was renowned for pushing the boundaries of danger and excitement.

Life behind the camera was inspired by his already adventurous lifestyle. He was brought up in Devon, where he went to Exeter School, and found himself on the other side of the world in the Solomon Islands working for the Voluntary Overseas Services. Living and teaching on a remote island he learnt how to survive in the wild, how to rub fire with two sticks and even kill fish with his teeth.

On his return to the UK, Alex studied industrial engineering and management sciences at Loughborough University. But Alex suffered from itchy feet and joined the Army, putting his outdoor skills to good use teaching recruits.

Two years later he started work for the BBC as a lowly junior management consultant. In 1975, his ‘life experiences’ provided the perfect springboard for a role as a location director for Blue Peter. The rest as they say is history.

The dream career was simply about turning everyone’s childhood dreams into exciting television.
Climbing, sailing, flying, parachuting, scuba diving … nothing was out of bounds and Alex’s job was to keep children glued to their sets by pushing the presenters to their limits on camera without killing them.

Alex survived storms, landmines, erupting volcanoes, dehydration, food poisoning, tapeworms, and attacks with stones and flying bullets to produce some 600 films worldwide.

Finally at the age of 64, when the BBC moved Children’s Programmes to Manchester, he decided it was time to hang up his badge.

‘Blue Peter: Behind the Badge’ is his way of saying thank you.

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